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Terms & Conditions

By using the notion-enhancer you agree to the below license and the notion-enhancer's Privacy Policy.

Future Guarantees

The notion-enhancer does not provide any guarantees of future compatibility or availablility. Though the authors have no plans to stop working on it for the forseeable future, the notion-enhancer does not take priority over other areas of their lives and may experience periods of neglect. If you would like to support continued work on this project, consider sponsoring it.


The notion-enhancer is created according to the priorities and preferences of the authors in order to be useful to a majority. It is not created specifically for any individual. As long as the authors are working on the notion-enhancer in their own time and you use it for free, you have no right to complain about the implementation or lack thereof of a feature. If you want to complain, you should sponsor the project first.


The notion-enhancer project is stylised as the "notion-enhancer" - i.e. it should not be referred to as the "Notion Enhancer".

The notion-repackaged project is stylised as "notion-repackaged" - i.e. it should not be referred to as "Notion Repackaged".

  • The vanilla notion-repackaged builds are referred to as either "Notion" or "notion-app".
  • The enhanced notion-repackaged builds are referred to as either "Notion Enhanced" or "notion-app-enhanced".

The notion-enhancer logo is a derivative of the Notion logo, with a Notion-style frame and a custom interior. It can be found in various resolutions and colours here. It may be used or distributed exclusively with the purpose of representing the notion-enhancer.

Disclaimer: Neither the notion-enhancer nor its authors or any of their subprojects claim ownership of the official Notion trademark or logo.


The notion-enhancer is created and released under the MIT license.

In short:

  • You may use or modify the notion-enhancer in any way.
  • The notion-enhancer comes with no warranty and its authors are not liable for any potential consequences of use, nor do they have any legal responsibility to provide updates or support.
  • The notion-enhancer remains under the ownership/copyright of its authors and an attributive license statement must be preserved in all copies or derivatives of it or part of it.

The full text of the license can be read below →

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