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This is a feature intended for advanced users only. If you are unfamiliar with asset hosting or .json files, this guide may not be for you.

The icon sets integration upgrades Notion's icon picker - saving uploaded icon history, reducing decreases in image quality, and adding entire sets of additional icons that can be selected.

The notion-enhancer/icons repository provides a few pre-prepared icon sets that are loaded into the picker by default. You can add your own sets to the picker by uploading a .json file of the following format to the icon sets integration's options in the menu.


The .json file should contain an array of icon set records under the icons key. Each record should include the following properties:

namedisplay namestring
sourceif sourceUrl is defined: a list of icon filenames OR a file prefix for use with count. otherwise: a list of icon urls.string[] | string
extension (optional)the icons' file extension (not necessary if source is an array of urls), e.g. png, svg.string
sourceUrl (optional)a base url for all icons in the setstring
count (optional)if sourceUrl is defined: the source filename will be iterated from 0 to count with an underscore _ in between, i.e. source_0, source_1, source_2.number
author (optional)name of the set's author.string
authorUrl (optional)string


{ "icons": [ { "name": "Icons8 Fluent", "sourceUrl": "", "source": ["source-code", "forward", "fire-element"], "extension": "png" } ] }
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